Everyone runs in more or less the same way on the surface. They put one foot in front of the other until they hit a pre-defined goal or cannot face doing so any longer. Beneath that surface similarity, however, there is a whole world of difference between all runners.

Running gear brand Brooks calls it your Run Signature. It covers technical points like the way your foot lands and how your entire body moves when running, as well as personal preferences like how springy or responsive you like your shoe to feel when running.

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Run Signature is a whole-body approach to gait analysis and you can try it for free on the Brooks Run Signature Tour, which stops off at 15 cities around the UK and Ireland. The London event takes place on 8th April in Wimbledon Park and, with attendance limited to 150 people and Run Signature analysis spots capped at 42, you’d be savvy to sign up smartish.

As well as Run Signature analysis you can try out a selection of Brooks shoes on a 3-5km run to discover whether they’re the right fit for you. There is only so much you can learn about a shoe while using it on a running shop treadmill so this is an excellent opportunity to try before you buy properly. If you do grab a Run Signature place, you will also get a 20% off wristband to use on Brooks shoes at selected stockists.

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After London the tour heads to Wales, with the next stop in Cardiff on 29th April, and then carries on throughout the summer with the last stop lined up for Southampton on 26th August. You can find out all the details on the tour dates and how to sign up at brooksrunning.com.


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